Positive Behaviors

on the Bus

We have implemented a new plan to reward students for positive behaviors on the bus and also in the classroom. Our goals are to decrease bus incidents and to implement one positive behavior support program for all students.

Research shows that whole school discipline programs are effective in reducing disruptive, destructive, and antisocial behavior. Students may feel important when everyone is noticing them for their negative behavior, however, instead we want them to get noticed for their ability to follow directions and rules.

We need the cooperation of parents to make this work. Your student needs to be sure that the afternoon token they receive stays in their backpack until the next morning for the teacher. This is very important.

Substitute Bus Drivers

Please contact Kellie Paehlig at the Sanilac ISD Special Education Office, (810) 648-9020 Ext. 4403, if you are interested in being a substitute bus driver for special education students. There are many state requirements to become a school bus driver; please contact Kellie for specific information.