Monitoring and Compliance

Compliance Services provides federally mandated monitoring and compliance evaluations of all Special Education Programs and Services within the Sanilac County.


Special Education monitoring is a mandated function of each Michigan Intermediate School District and is supported through a grant by the Department of Education. Monitoring is designed to help locals and the State monitor, analyze, interpret data and ensure compliance with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and the Michigan Administrative Rules for Special Education. Data is collected from multiple sources to ensure accurate reporting. Monitor activities are logged through an online workbook four times each year and is an ongoing activity throughout the year. Please see the links for a listing of all Compliance Indicators as identified by the State Performance Plan.

Technical Assistance

The Sanilac ISD Monitor provides ongoing technical assistance for the local school districts in Sanilac County. Assuring compliance and support for procedures and processes is a vital role in maintaining the due process rights of students with disabilities.

Data Collection

Collection of Special Education Data is an important function of the Sanilac ISD Special Education Department. The data collected is used in the analysis of compliance and results indicators for the State Performance Report as well the Annual Michigan Performance Report submitted to the Federal Department of Education.

A pupil count is taken at various times each school year. This count happens in September, December, February, June of each school year. The December count is only for all students receiving Special Education. This count is subject to audit by MDE and is part of the formula to determine the per capita allocation of Federal IDEA funds.


The Sanilac ISD and its constituent districts use Illuminate Education software for the completion of Individual Education Plans for Special Education Students and Individual Family Service Plans for student birth to 3 years of age. Sanilac ISD provides technical support at the local level for the completion of the IEP and IFSP process.


Form used in the Special Education Process are maintained by the Sanilac ISD, in collaboration with the local districts. Forms may be accessed by district staff on the forms page of this web site. For technical support, please call the Jackson street office at 810-648-2200.