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Welcome to the Sanilac Intermediate School District website, where you can find all the information you need about us and what we do.
If you want to contact us, feel free to call our office at (810) 648-4700.

Valentine Wishes

Oh, how sweet it is to receive a Valentine from your little sweetheart!  Students in Lori Loding’s Early Childhood Developmental Delayed (ECDD) Program at the Sanilac Intermediate School District made Valentine crafts to give to “the person of their choice.”  The boys in the photo each said they were going to give their special valentine to their “M-O-M!” Not only did the students learn about Valentine’s Day, they learned about color and shape recognition, letter and phonetic sounds, and also learned that a social and sharing activity can be a fun experience.  Happy (belated) Valentine’s Day from the Sanilac ISD ECDD Program!

Soccer Challenge

On Friday, February 6, 2015, students from the Sanilac Intermediate School Districts Special Education Program traveled to Highland Pines in Caro to play soccer against their MOVE soccer team. 

MOVE is an acronym for Movement Opportunities Via Education.  It is a curriculum/program that was originally designed by a special education teacher for her most physically involved students.  The program allows students who have significantly delayed physical skills to practice their skills while engaging in other educational or leisure activities.  The skills and activities they practice are designed to help them gain an increased amount of independence that is necessary to sit, stand, and walk.  Students who would otherwise spend their day in their wheelchair or lying around are sitting, standing, and MOVEing in their classrooms. 

Through the use of MOVE, students at the Sanilac Intermediate School District are gaining independence and dignity.  Specially designed equipment helps students work on their sitting, standing and walking skills.  One piece of this special equipment is the Rifton Gait Trainer.  Students use their gait trainers for standing and walking both in the classroom and throughout the building.  Gross motor skills are worked on in the gym with the help of gait trainers.  Gait trainers come in different sizes and colors.  The Sanilac ISD students used their gait trainers to play soccer against the Highland Pines MOVE soccer team.

All students and staff members enjoyed the games and Mrs. Miller’s class hopes to utilize this opportunity again next year.

Welcome to the Hub

Welcome to The Hub!  Students of Sanilac ISD Special Education programs have recently opened a school store called The Hub.  The store is ran by students and all products sold in the store are made by students in Career Technical programs at the Sanilac Career Center.  Working at The Hub has proven to be a great experience for students to increase vocational skills including communicating with customers, operating a cash register, counting money, and stocking shelves.  Students working in the store, from left to right, are Anthony Shagene of Sandusky and Shawn Pratt of Marlette.


Baja Shock Test


The Baja shock test cell was a complete success!

It was an excellent student learning experience that provided usable data. It also confirmed the system a viable method of
cooling shock temperatures in severe use.

After running a base line with the standard shock, students assembled the remote reservoir. They then performed two different runs varying the oil volume in the reservoir. The second test confirmed an exciting 30 degree overall drop in oil temperatures.

To insure a safe operating system the reservoirs were both pressure tested in a blast chamber to 500 psi, the same rating as
the Fox shocks.

Check out a video of the shock test cell in action


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