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Welcome to the Sanilac Intermediate School District website, where you can find all the information you need about us and what we do.
If you want to contact us, feel free to call our office at (810) 648-4700.

Calling Former Students

Dear Former Student:

If you completed a program at the Career Center in the last two years, in the coming weeks you could be receiving a call from someone at the Sanilac Career Center to see what you have been up to.  It will only take a couple minutes of your time and all information will be kept confidential.  By doing this you will help us improve our programs and services.

To be contacted by email for this survey or to report a phone/address change please contact Tracy Navarro at or
(810) 648-4700 x 4233.   

Thank you and best wishes.

Community Service Project

Sanilac Great Start Collaborative is asking parents to complete survey

If you are the primary caregiver or parent of a child between newborn and 8 years of age and you want to help us improve the success rate of children and families in Sanilac County please take 5 minutes to complete this survey!
This collection of anonymous responses will guide us in our efforts over the next 3 years. Our goal is to hear from those who are currently experiencing family life in our county. We all want and need the same thing; parents who have the resources and power to provide for their family. By completing this survey parents will voice their families greatest needs and inform us what is getting in the way of their success. Our members will use this data to drive our work load ensuring improved success in school and life for our families and their children.
Click here to get started:

Survey is open until March 4, 2016

Schools of choice

SANILAC - The Sanilac Intermediate School District announces that our school districts participate in a county-wide Schools of Choice Program. Click here for more information



Tots-N-Teens Preschool Accepting Applications

Sanilac Career Center Tots-N-Teens Preschool is
Currently accepting applications for:

Full Day Preschool 9-2:30
T-W-TH: $37.50/week
2 Days: $25/week
Morning (9-11)/Afternoon (12:30-2:30) Preschool:
T-W-TH: $15/week
2 Days: $10/week

For more information click here

For an Application form click here

Preschool scholarships are available for qualifying families through the Great Start Collaboration and Sanilac Career Center.


Dates to Remember

Sanilac Career Center Calendar

Special Education Calendar


Honors Night

2015 Honors Night

Student Of The Week

Casey Hyatt

Community Enrichment

Check our brochure to see when our
Winter classes begin.

Call us for more information at
(810) 648-4700 X 4266
and ask for Mary Fraley.

Click for brochure (PDF)

We are a member of REMC 10

Sanilac Intermediate School District