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Welcome to the Sanilac Intermediate School District website, where you can find all the information you need about us and what we do.
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Computer Technology students fly their Drone

On April 25, 2017 the Computer Technology class test flew our first of 4 drones. This drone was built by second year Computer Technology students. The drone was assembled from scratch. We will be building 3 more drones this year with Digital Media and first year Computer Technology students.  Second year students are working to set up a remote camera on their drone and a navigation system.

  Ethan attaching propeller motors to the droneMason and ethan attaching propellers

students flying the drone

the drone in flight


AP Computer Science Principles Course Offered Fall 2017

The Computer Technology program at the Sanilac Career Center is pleased to announce the addition of Advanced Placement Computer Science Principles course for students this fall.  No previous experience with coding will be required.  While programming will be taught in the course, it’s only one of many skills students will learn.  Students will create digital projects—from simple games and apps to programs that can analyze large data sets or inspire the creation of visual art and music.

Since computing is part of everything we do! AP Computer Science Principles is an essential part of a well-rounded academic preparation.  Future opportunities in computing are without boundaries. Michigan currently has 14,689 open computing jobs. The average starting salary for computer occupations in MI is $78,001, which is significantly higher than the average salary in the state ($46,310).

To learn more about the Computer Technology Program visit the program web page.

Student Job Shadow at WMIC

Jordan Kenny, student of the Alternative Career Education program at Sanilac Intermediate School District, learned about radio broadcasting while completing a job shadow at WMIC in Sandusky. During his visit, he was able to spend some time with Assistant Manager Nick Lien and News Director Dave Fredrick.  Jordan has a strong interest in broadcasting and was able to get a glimpse of behind the scene action at WMIC as well as learn about careers in broadcasting.   Jordan was excited to hear a recording of his own voice when he read a passage about local sports teams.   The Sanilac ISD greatly appreciates the cooperation of local businesses who welcome our students for job shadowing experiences.

Jordan on the microphone  Jordan, Nick Lien, and Dave Fredrick at the station

Tots-N-Teens Preschool Accepting Applications

Sanilac Career Center
Tots-N-Teens Preschool is
currently accepting applications for:

Full Day Preschool 9-2:30
T-W-TH: $37.50/week
2 Days: $25/week
Morning (9-11)/Afternoon (12:30-2:30) Preschool:
T-W-TH: $15/week
2 Days: $10/week

More Information

Application Form

Preschool scholarships are available for qualifying families through the Great Start Collaboration and Sanilac Career Center.

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Tots-n-Teens preschool instructor and child


Budget and Salary/Compensation Transparency Reporting

Michigan School Data

Dates to Remember

Sanilac Career Center Calendar

SCC Honors Night April 26, 2017

Special Education Calendar

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Maple Valley

Student of the Week

Maple Valley Student of the Week Sophie Turcott

David Warf

Community Enrichment

Check our brochure to see when our
Spring classes begin.

Call us for more information at
(810) 648-4700 X 4266
and ask for Mary Fraley.

Spring Brochure (PDF)

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