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Welcome to the Sanilac Intermediate School District website, where you can find all the information you need about us and what we do.
If you want to contact us, feel free to call our office at (810) 648-4700.

2nd Annual Tech Day

Computer Technology students from Lapeer County Ed Tech, Sanilac Career Center and Tuscola Technology Center gathered on March 31, 2015 at the Sanilac Career Center for their second annual Tech Day.  Each student competed in 2 of 5 events to test their skills in Command Line Interface(CLI), Troubleshooting, Part Identification, Jeopardy or Cable Making.    The day also included an Academic IT Bee.  For this competition students were asked random IT related questions where correct answers kept them in the competition and incorrect answers eliminated them from the competition until only one student was left. 

The student’s day ended with guest speakers and demonstrations from Russell St. Onge, a parent of a Lapeer County Ed Tech student and employee of Genesee ISD and two technicians from Fiber Link.  The presentation included fiber optic cable testing and analysis and what it was like to be a fiber optic technician. 

Winners from the Sanilac Career Center Computer Technology class - Pictured left to right
Paul Abend a Junior from Brown City – CLI 1st Place, and Parts ID 2nd Place
Brett Hancock a Junior from Sandusky – Academic Bee 1st Place, and Parts ID 1st Place
Ben Krause a Junior from Brown City – CLI 2nd Place
Missing from the Picture Coty Cote a Junior from Brown City - CLI 3rd Place

Graphics Students Publish Art

The p.m. students are Justin Schneidewind-Peck & Shania Raver -C.P.S.

Teachers Tina VanConant and Stephanie Stanley from the Sanilac Career Center, Graphics Program are proud to announce that several students participated in Celebrating Art contest and six were selected for publication. The hardcover book showcases artists from all around the nation.  

The a.m. Graphics students are Taylor Kelly - Cros-Lex, Erin Arsenault - Cros-Lex, Angelica Jeffery-Deckerville, Tricia Campbell - Marlette.

Autism Awareness 5K Walk/Run

Sanilac County Autism Awareness 5K Walk/Run (1mile Kids)

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Start of 5K race: 9:30 a.m.
Start of kid’s 1Mile: 9:00 a.m.

Location: Maple Valley
138 Maple Valley St
Sandusky, MI

Registration form click here or visit Facebook at Sanilac County Autism Awareness 5K Walk/Run

*Funds raised will go towards playground equipment at Maple Valley ISD and to support students with Autism Spectrum Disorder throughout Sanilac County.


Attention: Former SCC Students

Dear Former Student:

If you completed a program at the Career Center in the last two years, in the coming weeks you could be receiving a call from someone at the Sanilac Career Center to see what you have been up to.  It will only take a couple minutes of your time and all information will be kept confidential.  By doing this you will help us improve our programs and services.

To be contacted by email for this survey or to report a phone/address change please contact Tracy Navarro at or (810) 648-4700x4233.   

Thank you and best wishes.

Community Based Instruction

Community based instruction has been one area of concentration this school year for Sanilac ISD special education students in the Secondary Transition Program.    Attending worksites on a weekly basis provides students with many opportunities including learning new job skills and gaining exposure to worksites within the community.  This school year’s worksites have included Jerry’s Foodland, Firebird Theater and the Sanilac ISD Special Education Services Building. 




Dates to Remember

Sanilac Career Center Calendar

Special Education Calendar for Programs located at Sanilac Career Center

Special Education Calendar for Programs located in Sandusky Buildings

Honors Night

2014 Honors Night

Student Of The Week

Katilyn Trombley

Community Enrichment

Check our brochure to see when our
Spring classes begin.

Call us for more information at
(810) 648-4700 X 4266
and ask for Mary Fraley.

Click for brochure (PDF)

We are a member of REMC 10

Sanilac Intermediate School District